Radon levels are tested using a continuous monitor. The continuous monitor, or "CRM," records the radon level reading each hour for a minimum of 48 hours, as set by the EPA. A computer generated report of the results will be included. Speak with the home inspector for recommendations and pricing.




Your home inspector is specially trained and certified in both mold and air quality inspections. The goal is to identify the threat of mold in the home or building and ensure the environment is safe. Types of mold samples may include:


     * Air samples

     * Surface samples

     * Bulk samples (chunks of carpet, insulation, wall board, etc.)

     * Water samples from condensate drain pans


Air sampling takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Lab analysis turn around ranges from 2 to 5 days, depending on the sampling procedure. Speak with the home inspector for recommendations and pricing.



Lead Paint

Lead paint can be found in many older homes, those built prior to 1978 could pose a serious health risk. There is only one way to know if lead paint is in your home and that is testing. Speak with the home inspector for recommendations and pricing.



Specialty Inspections

These may include asbestos, septic functionality, chimney, water, or soil. These inspections can be arranged as a service to our clients or recommendations made.




Let us take the worry out of your home maintenance. We can inspect your home and outline a custom maintenance plan designed specifically for your home. The plan will include a prioritized list of recommendations, suggestions, price estimates and photographs that describe each action. We also offer the option of periodic follow ups for a small fee including a monthly home check up.  Speak with the home inspector for recommendations and pricing.   

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